Maximize your Amazon sales with our expertise

GSM Sales specializes in using our proprietary approaches and software to grow your brands on Amazon

We handle the management, risk and compliance associated with selling on Amazon so you can focus on your products

  • Protect Your Brand

    We monitor and adhere to MAP pricing. Choosing GSM Sales to sell your products will allow you to control the pricing of your products.

  • Keep You Informed

    Understanding the performance of your products is crucial to allowing you to manage and grow your business. With GSM Sales you will have a dedicated team that is able to provide you with a performance analysis of your Amazon sales.

  • Tax Compliance

    Selling through FBA on Amazon puts your inventory in warehouses across the country, creating a potential sales tax management nightmare in 30+ states. When GSM Sales facilitates your Amazon sales, our team takes the responsibility to handle the sales tax compliance for your product's sales.

Founded by Amazon product experts to provide solutions to brand owners

Problem - Managing your products on Amazon is not easy. Tracking inventory to maintain stock, navigating the FBA requirements, waiting to sell your products for cash flow, responding to customer inquiries, evaluating listings, monitoring search rank, and managing sales tax compliance is more than a full time job. Managing all of these Amazon responsibilities on your own makes it impossible to spend the time necessary to grow your brand and products.

Solution - Outsource your Amazon responsibilities and let us work with you as a wholesale partner. We will pay for products upfront and take ownership of inventory to alleviate any cash flow or compliance issues. Our software will track reorders and keep your products in stock, and we are experts in handling the numerous FBA requirements as well as customer service through Amazon.

What Our clients have to say...

  • Since 2017 GSM has proven to be an excellent SEC trading partner. GSM’s forward-looking approach to sales has interleaved with our response capabilities as a manufacturer supplier, to result in the smooth and reliable flow of product sales. Our mutually beneficial relationship can be described as rewarding, and trustworthy. I would refer GSM to any potential supplier who may wish to gain such a valued customer as GSM.

    Ernest Herz, President
    SEC America Corp.
  • GSM has been amazing to work with. Their platform has everything you need to understand your sales, inventory, and their next order. I also have to say they are really easy to work with and quick to respond to questions. I would recommend them to anyone trying to scale their business.

    Eddie Hutson, Founder
    (del)Hutson Designs
  • We have worked with GSM for over three years and our partnership continues to grow every day. No matter how big the order, GSMs’ representatives handle each transaction in a professional manner; moreover, they ask the important questions to ensure there is synergy between both respected companies. They continue to inspire our efforts to get better, because efficiency and communication is the cornerstone in their ideology.

    Carl Buford Jr. Vice President Marketing and Sales
    Communion Packaging LLC

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have been contacted by us, that means that our proprietary algorithm has identified your products as having potential for us to add value on Amazon. We look for high quality products with an established base and room to grow.

Who owns the inventory that is being sold on Amazon?

We like to make it easy with our partners, and will pay upfront (typically with a credit card), taking ownership of the inventory at our warehouse and working to store the products at the Amazon FBA warehouses to leverage the world class logistics from Amazon for your customers.


Yes, we have an outstanding customer service team in place that actively responds to customer questions and claims so that your brand and products are always seen in the best light possible.


We manage over 2,000 products from nearly 500 manufacturers located throughout the world.


We have business locations in both Kansas and Missouri, with our distribution warehouse located in Lenexa, KS.